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My name is Christy and I am a crafter, a wife, and a mother of two.  I am a photographer, a textile artist, a writer and a whole list of other titles.  I got started making temari balls when a friend brought me a book on how to make them.  I had never seen one before I made one.  I have an extensive background in embroidery, and crewel work.

When learning temari, I applied the same principles as when learning a martial art.  I started with one technique and practiced it until I have mastered it enough to move on to the next more difficult technique.  I have been practicing an Indonesian martial art for over 8 years called White Crane Silat.  Learn more here  This experience helps me in all areas of my life when acquiring new skills.
Temari has been instumental in helping me to deal with my oldest daughter's rare autoimmune disorder.  From perfectly healthy to bedridden, her illness changed every aspect of my life.  I had to leave my job and devote myself to being her caregiver, and health care manager.  I have channeled the stresses and emotions of her condition into creating my temari balls. All the proceeds raised from their sale goes into her Special Needs Trust Fund.

Recently I have branched into other crafts.  I find myself drawn to crafts that are very mathematical.  I make Japanese Tsumami Kanzashi and have started to crochet.


  1. I have a question for you...

    I completely love your the Tmari Balls!

    Would you be interested in participating in a fabric art show? Unfortunately it is coming up quickly... March 1st to be exact. But, I would love to have you in the show!

    Contact me at 9189944473

  2. Hello,

    We are a gift company in Canada and working on a project where we need to give gifts to executives in Japan for an event. We would like to produce custom Temari balls. We need 20 larger Temari balls for senior people and 50 smaller Temari balls for junior people. We would like to have a design and colour that represents nature, environmental friendliness and life. We will need them delivered to Japan for Feb 20th. Are you able to help us with this project? You can call me at 905-307-1967 x225 or email to discuss. Aaron Pollak, " —