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Monday, September 20, 2010

What is Sabi Wabi?

Sabi Wabi is a play on the Japanese term "Wabi Sabi".

In Japanese, Wabi is the embodiment of humility, modesty of choice.  Wabi is a naturalness that is unassuming.

Sabi refers to "the bloom of age".  Something that is rusted or worn is sabi.

Together they mean "perfectly imperfect". 

So if Wabi Sabi is "perfectly imperfect", then Sabi Wabi, for me, means "imperfectly perfect".

While I strive to master the skills of temari, I forgive myself their imperfections.  Slightly irregular spheres, slipped stitches, and inconsistencies are sincere and genuine.  Each temari ball is crafted entirely by hand, my hand.

Wabi-sabi for artists, designers, poets & philosophers.
Leonard Koren
Berkeley, CA: Stone Bridge Press  1994

Wabi Sabi Style
James Crowley
Salt Lake City: Gibbs-Smith 2001

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